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Wednesday Collective is a design and storytelling-driven animation studio based in London founded by Daniela Negrín Ochoa and Iria López.

We specialise in visually distinctive short-form 2D content for brands, commercials, charities and films.

We work hard to produce compelling animation with heart, with an emphasis on collaboration -- the most powerful stories emerge from collective effort. We embrace a panoply of content, expressing the core of an idea in an original and memorable visual form.


Past clients include: Microsoft, Ebay, The Huffington Post, UNESCO, Always, Nesta, Hi-Tec, Barbican, Viaduct and London International Animation Festival.



For commissions or just to say hello, please get in touch!

Mb +44 (0)7910458579 or +44 (0)7889337628


Leyton Studios, 20 Wilmot Road, London, E10 5LU, United Kingdom


US Representation:

Mike Holm // Anchor Point
Executive Producer
+1 206 588 5941



WINNER The Graduated New Talent for Animation Direction. Animated EXETER. UK. 22. February. 2013. 
WINNER for Best animation, 
* WINNER for Best sound design & 
* WINNER for Best script at
WATERSPRITE. The Cambridge International Student Film Festival. Cambridge. 1 to 3. March. 2013
WINNER for Best Student Animation. SIAF. Savannah International Animation Festival. USA. 13. April. 2013. 
WINNER, Best FilmWAMMFest. Women and Minorities in Media. Towson, Virginia, USA. April 2013.
WINNER, Best Film.
WINNER, Best AnimationFLAMINGO Film Festival. South Florida. USA. 19th to 20th April. 2013.
* WINNER for second Best student film
* WINNER for Best sound design &
* WINNER for Best original soundtrack.
 Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival. In LA, USA. 21sth of April. 2013.
WINNER, Best Film in the Animated Shorts category. LIFF, London Independent Film Festival. In London, UK. 21st of April. 2013.
WINNER of the Aloha Alcade award in the Student category. Honolulu Film Awards. Honolulu, Hawaii. 4th May. 2013. 
WINNER of the Best student Animation Award &
* WINNER of the Audience Award at Wimbledom Shorts.
 London, UK. 29th June.2013.
WINNER of the Best student Animated Short Award at CRIIFF. Montezuma, Costa Rica. 20th July. 2013.
WINNER of the Best student Film Award at Animation Block Party. Brooklyn, NY, USA. 29th July. 2013.
WINNER of the FriulAdria Quality Award for best animated video at FilmMakers al Chiostro Film Festival. Pordenone, Italy. 6th August. 2013.
WINNER of the Best animated short award at Anifest, Canterbury, UK. 30th September to 5th of October. 2013
* WINNER of the10 Minute Shorts Competition Award at SESIFF. Seoul, Korea. 25th to 29th of September. 2013
WINNER of the Best Animated Film award at Thurrock International Film Festival. 2013
WINNER of the Best Animated Short at New Orleans Film Festival. USA. 2013
WINNER of the Best National Animated Short at 3DWIRE Short Film Festival. Segovia, Spain.
WINNER of the Eye Toons Animation Award - Cornwall Film Festival. UK. 2013
WINNER of the Best Animated Short- New York International Children's Film Festival New York, USA. 2014
WINNER of the Best animated Short at Festival de Cans, Galicia, Spain. 2014
WINNER of the Best original soundtrack at Festival de Cans, Galicia, Spain. 2014

London Sinfonietta

This collection of sketchbook drawings were made by Daniela Negrin when the London Sinfonietta were kind enough to let her sit in on a few of their practices. The drawings were later exhibited at the foyer of the Queen Elizabeth Hall. 


'Mindfulness' FOR aetna & HUFFINGTON POST

This series of GIFs were made to promote mindfulness on social media by bringing classic inspirational quotes quotes to life. The client was Aetna, in partnership with The Huffington Post. 



Direction: Wednesday Collective

Animation: Wednesday Collective & Ross Plaskow

Produced by: Anchor Point



This was one of our designs for a music video pitch for the artist Alle Fabre. 



We made these designs for director Tom Jobbins's Gatorade pitch.